Tethering w/Your Android Phone

When is the last time you went to use your laptop and there was no wireless? If you have a smartphone you can actually hijack the 3G network to get wireless on your laptop! I’ve had to use it twice so far this month: once in the middle of nowhere to download a file we needed, and the second time was to get some work done on a presentation where the wireless was down. 

Two free programs: PDA Net and Easy Tether

Word on the street is that the 2.2 version of Android software allows tethering in the settings. Know about it? I’d love to hear about it!

The steps are pretty simple: you just download the app, and then you connect the phone to the laptop. You pick out the app from your laptop (your phone is acting like a wireless hub/USB device at this point), install it on the laptop and then connect! It’s like magic!

Wait! Maybe it is magic!