SPLAT Rocks!


Another great — energizing day — meeting with SPLAT!  What an awesome group!  Conversation ranged from use of mobile devises in Idaho libraries to user-centered services.  In between times, we touched on SPLAT-I-Ket, unconference, and QR codes.

Kudos to Amy and Memo who have been busy preparing for presentations about SPLAT at Reference Renaisannce in Denver, and Internet Librarian in Monterrey — as well as submitting articles for publication.

Thanks to Melody and Liesl for moving forward the SPLAT movie — to be unveiled at the fall Idaho Library Association Conference.  As always at the conference you can find us at the SPLAT couch — stop by for updates on technology and library service trends.  Or just stop by to say hi!

Also coming soon will be SPLAT 101 as a self-directed online course.