I want a tool that I can use everywhere for everything!

I love my iPhone.  Anyone who has seen me in person in the past few years knows that.  Note taking? Check.  Find information? Check. Music and video viewing?  Check?  Camera? Check.  Games?  Check.  Fancy gadgets and tools (aka “apps”)? Check.  Email? Check. Fun? Check.  Pocketsize (the ultimate in portability)?  Check.

But I couldn’t just plug my iPhone into a projector for a presentation.  I had to tote my laptop and projector around. Yes, I had my presentation in the cloud but I had to carry my laptop to access it and the projector to project it.  I apparently cannot do it on an iPad either.  I just read the article “iPad Envy” and was pleased that I am not the only one waiting for the business and recreation combo tool. 

I think as consumers we need to demand that the two big companies start creating effective cross platform products.  The technology exists — make it so!  Yes, there are open source solutions and we can use the cloud…but wouldn’t it be nice to create on the tool itself?  Maybe that’s old-fashioned thinking though….

And since I’m asking, how about a pocketsize tool that has it’s own built in projector too?