Time For A New Phone? Redux

With thanks to Memo, here is a nicely-formatted version of my earlier post!

My cell phone account expires in July.  But, it’s hard to decide on the
next step.  A blizzard of ads arrives in my mailbox every week, and the
airwaves are full of aggressive commercials, each selling a different

One bit of information about Smartphones for librarians comes
from blogger Stephen Abram of Stephen’s Lighthouse.  He recently posted
the results of a poll about smart phone use by librarians.  He asked
what brands of Smartphones were already in use, and what purchases were
planned. The results are more evenly-distributed that I expected,
although the iPhone dominates.  Kind of reassuring, actually!  Have a
look at:

PS: Click on the “Full” button at the bottom of the survey window for
an enlarged view!