The Character of Leadership

A few weeks ago Boise Public Library hosted an excellent program about leadership and what effective leadership means in our times. Philip H. Eastman II lead the talk, which is based on his book “The Character of Leadership: An Ancient Model for a Quantum Age.” The 7 characters of leadership include rather revolutionary ideas about what great leadership really entails. Firstly, as Eastman said you have to love people to be a leader/manager. The 7 characteristics are:

Faith: Lead based on a clear set of positive core values that are demonstrated through your leadership actions.

Justice: Lead by doing what is right even when it is difficult and costly; leading in a selfless manner and fostering a personal and team accountability.

Temperance: Lead with a personal humility, passion and self-control.

Hope: Lead by sincerely and convincingly articulating a bright future, especially when the immediate circumstances are bleak.

Wisdom: Lead by effectively applying your accumulated knowledge and experience to current situations.

Love: Lead by demonstrating a genuine concern, care and compassion for people.

Courage: Lead by boldly seizing opportunities and firmly dealing with challenges.

I was really inspired by this compassionate approach to leadership. To learn more visit there website at