Think About The Library Like An Alien

I was reading this LiefHack post called How to Think What No One Else Thinks and correlating it to libraries. So often we become a part of group think. I don’t think any one field is immune to this way of working together. This is how the group behaves and then we follow along.

One key quote in this article is from the inventor/founder of Vitamin C, ” Genius is seeing what everyone else sees and thinking what no-one else has thought.”

The question is, how can we do that every day? And LifeHack offers some ideas! And they are easy!

* Take a different view of a situation

* Look at the scene from the perspective of an alien, a customer, an inanimate object, someone who doesn’t speak English, a comedian, etc.

* Challenge all of the common assumptions

* Look for what no one else is looking for – if someone is looking for the richest region try looking for the wettest

* “If everyone else is facing the bar then turn your back on it.”