Gas prices should cause library staff to at least consider NetFlix models

During the PNLA preconference on digital natives we watched the video clip of teens and twenties making suggestions. One of their ideas was to deliver books through the mail like NetFlix does for movies. I saw several eye-rolls and heard a few "yeah right" comments. Most of the folks at our table did not consider it a viable option, but with today’s gas prices I’d be happy to pay $2 for the library to mail me my book if it costs about that to drive to the library. Who wouldn’t?

We did have someone stop at the SPLAT couch to ask how Boise Public runs their books by mail program. Ada Community has a new locked drop box and pick up locker system that I’ve used and love since I can ride my bike there. Are there other Idaho libraries using NetFlix models to mail books? Are you charging extra for this service? I know about a library system in Washington that uses books by mail almost exclusively with no problems. I’d like to hear more about how libraries are making these services available. I think it would be great if more options were available so that Idahoans didn’t have to always drive to the library to pick up books and materials.