Surveys anyone?


One of my Facebook Friends is Jim Milles of the SUNY Buffalo law school. This week, he’s attending a conference on computer-assisted legal instruction. Jim is using Twitter during the conference sessions, so I’m receiving a steady stream of interesting observations and ideas.

Here’s an example:

"#calicon08: FSU survey: 82% of students use Facebook at least once a week: only 8% had used Second Life at all."

It’s really great for me to have Jim "gleaning" for me. Yay, Twitter! Go, Jim!

Let’s have a look at this little nugget.

I assume he’s talking about law students at Florida State University. So, the survey subjects are mostly in their early- to mid-twenties, and they fall into a small slice of the population of the "real world." But, Florida State’s law librarians now have some important data that will help them decide where to locate their online presence.

Remember how fast IM melted away when teens started texting instead? Has anyone in Idaho done a quick-and-dirty–or elegant–survey recently? If you have, please share!

I’m already sitting here trying to figure out how to get a quick survey incorporated into this year’s UI law school orientation week …