Commoncraft on Twitter

Once again, Commoncraft has created a no-frills, easy to understand video on a highly popular social tool, a micro blogging utility known as Twitter.

I’ve been using Twitter to experiment with this interesting aspect of the web, and it is incredibly easy to do, since you’re limited to 140 characters to let others know what you are doing–a nice & brief way to stay connected.

There are also educational uses for Twitter that can be used to interact with students. Not surprising this popular tool has created lots of Twitter mashups and applications that make it even easier to “twit” with your friends, or to follow those you find interesting (Hillary? Obama? Rheingold?).

One of my favorite tools that a Twitter fan developed is TwitterFox, which allows you to twit right from Firefox’s status window. Mind you, this is one of several dozen mashups available out there based on location, browser, websites, quirks, Google, GPS, traffic, and more.

All in all, Twitter is one of those tools you can use to push feeds, follow friends, and get RSS feeds from other websites. If you haven’t tried it by all means go for it. If you’d like to twit with me I’m at