New Directions at UC Berkeley Library

New Directions is the name of the group at UC Berkeley that is committed, like SPLAT, to exploring new directions (clever, no?) there. According to the New Directions Initiative website their goal is to, "to support an open process that will allow the Library to understand and adapt to the evolving information needs of our faculty and students."

This is so cool, and is a great showcase of an institution that is embracing how to remain dynamic in the face of change! There are a few phases as part of this plan to first look at the shifting library environment, then develop and process potential actions, and then take action. By inviting speakers, creating group discussions, and also conducting surveys, they are learning how to become a learning institution.

One of the more clever features of this site, is that it is a wiki cleverly disguised as a library website. The people on the committee work to edit the wiki and update readings and events, but we can all stand to learn from their actions.

Also – what is a "new direction?" That’s a great question, and they answer it. It should be broad and not a specific project, respect the past, be integrative, etc. I love this program. It’s like SPLAT but for one giant college library.

Let the lifelong learning continue!