Using digital photo frames in your library

Digital Photo FrameThis was a great idea from Steve Poppino at the College of Southern Idaho (C.S.I.). They purchased a digital photo frame for their library and they display historical photos from the area. Steve said it gets a lot of attention from students and faculty (and library staff!).

He thought it would be fun to use the "READ" software and take photos of faculty or others with their favorite books and that would be a great idea for public and school libraries too.

A digital photo frame at the library would be perfect for the new photo collection at the Bear Lake County District Library. If you haven’t had a chance to see the hundred of photos they have of the kids and others who came to their Family Reading Week event, you’ve got to check it out at . Not only do they have some very photogenic children in that community, but it’s a great way to promote their fabulous web site. I’ve looked at several times and I don’t even know anyone there! It’s very compelling and I’m sure they get people to check out the other resources available online while they are there.