Miracles of Social Networking

When I was in Seattle the last week of September starting my MLIS graduate program with fellow SPLAT! members Dylan and Anna I lost my wallet. I quickly canceled my cards and tried to remain calm, cool and collected. This was not a perfect
time to panic. I lost my wallet on a Wednesday and was flying back to Boise on Friday. I had a sinking feeling that I would not be let on the plane without photo ID, which of course was in my wallet. I called the campus lost and found every hour on the hour without any word. Anna and Dylan were such great friends during the whole ordeal. Then on Thursday night I checked my Facebook account and *insert miracle music here* a girl had found my wallet on campus. She thought about taking my wallet to lost and found but thought she would have better luck getting the wallet to me if I was on Facebook and she was right. That next day she brought my wallet to my class and I was able to fly home that evening. Social networking can connect people in the most wonderful ways.