Meebo Hearts Firefox

Meebo Firefox EditionYou got Meebo in my Firefox!
You got Firefox in my Meebo!

Two great web services that taste great together.

If you use Firefox to browse the web (and why wouldn’t you?) and if you use Meebo to handle IM reference and/or to IM coworkers across various networks, you’ll love the new Meebo Firefox add-on.

This little doozy of an add-on makes it easy to see when other people IM you, even if you aren’t looking right at the Meebo window. You can even have it sign you into Meebo automatically when you start Firefox, making it even more like traditional desktop IM clients (but without the extra software).

Aaron Schmidt (of has more of the skinny or check out TechCrunch’s coverage of this nifty new add-on. Do you Meebo and Firefox?