MP3 players, E Audiobooks ect…

A couple of weeks ago I received a Creative Zen because Idaho libraries will have subscriptions to NetLibrary and OverDrive, two great sites to get E Audiobooks. I wanted to share my trials of tribulations with MP3 players. Last Christmas I asked for an Ipod Nano because I heard Ada Community Library had Net Library. After getting my lovely new pink Ipod I discovered that Ipods and any other Mac products are not compatible with NetLibrary or Overdrive. So before you get a new MP3 players check out this site to make sure your future or current MP3 player is compatible:
After I charged my Creative Zen I was so excited to discover that Daniel Pinkwater had a new book called The Neddiad through Net Library. I downloaded the book to my computer without any problems and got in on my Zen without a hitch. Thus, I was lolled into a false sense of security. I listened to the first hour of my book and then turned off my Zen to take a break. Being an avid Ipod user I just assumed that my Zen would have the same resume feature. WRONG! I had to fast foward back to get back to my place. On many MP3 players you have to manually bookmark your place. While I was fast forwarding the Zen froze. So I had to read the owners manual to see how to reset the player. By the time I got back to my player the entire battery had been drained! So I had to recharge it. I then had to get a small safety pen and push the tiny reset button. Argh! After that first day with my plethora of trials and tribulations I have learned to love my Zen. I can now multitask and listen to a book. How exciting! I am happy to help anyone who is trying to figure their new MP3 player. Remember always read the directions first, take deep breaths and above all else do not be afraid to try out this wonderful new service!
Melody Sky