10 Great Things Going On in Idaho Libraries

We usually end the SPLAT meetings by going around the table and sharing what’s new at our libraries and what we’re excited about. I love the energy boost it provides at the meetings and seeing how excited others get by hearing what everyone is  doing. I do get to hear snippets of what people are doing in library land and thought I’d try to share more of them here. I’m doing five today and will post the other five soon. I’m hoping others chime in and we get a list of 100 Great Things Going On in Idaho Libraries! Add yours!!

1) Bigger, Better Buildings. We’re anxiously awaiting the day the doors open to the public for Coeur d’Alene Public’s new building, Boise Public’s two new full service branches, and American Falls District’s big expansion project. And, if you’re headed through Marsing or Culdesac stop by to see their new bigger, better buildings. Did I leave your building off the list? Comment!

2) Making the Extra Effort. Kathy Chick, director of the Eastern Owyhee County District Library, doesn’t speak Spanish but that didn’t let it stop her from calling every parent of elementary students in Grand View. She recruited a teacher who spoke Spanish to talk to parents who didn’t speak English and personally invited all of them to pick up their free First Book at the library and join the Summer Reading Program. Kathy said they had at least 25 new families get library cards as a result of the First Book program and they had a great summer reading turn out.

3) Coffee in the Library! Nearly everyone over the age of 12 says “Serve coffee in the library!” Boise Public joined Mountain Home Public, Gooding High School Library and others in providing java to needy beanheads. Does your library do the books and coffee thing?

4) Where there’s a will there’s a way. When libraries in Riggins, Weippe, Grand View and many others pull off going totally wireless, why not ALL Idaho libraries?

5) Potter in the Park (and in nearly every other Idaho library). Rigby Public Library Director Marilynn Kamoe said they couldn’t fit all the families who wanted to celebrate the last Harry Potter book in the library so they went to the park. “We dressed up and had a costume contest, played pin the tail on Dudley, played a huge snake game where the kids were the pieces. We also played musicial broomsticks, snitch and seeker. We made magic wands, drank potions, and listened to parts of the 6th book. We all had a fantastic time!” Be sure to check out the photos on their very cool slide show at http://rigby.lili.org/ .  (Their web site is so fun, maybe it should be Great Thing #6! It’s definitely worth checking out).

More Great Things later!