“E” Really is for Everyone

Guitar HeroesAlthough I’ve focused on video games for youth (see Wii’s Winning Ways and Nintendo Wii @ Your Library?) kids aren’t the only ones who want to play. Case in point: Ada Community Library’s first Video Gaming Night for Adults was a huge success! Just check out two of our "guitar heroes" demonstrating how much they love to rock the library!

When planning video game programs (or collections) for adults and teenagers, you’ll want to ensure you have games (and consoles) that appeal to both novices (also called "n00bs") and veterans. Some adults will have lots of experience with video games (you might consider tapping them for their knowledge!) while others might not have touched a video game system since the golden days of the original Super Mario Bros on the NES.

If you need ideas for video games with wide appeal, here is what worked at our Video Gaming Night for Adults:

  • Excite Truck on the Nintendo Wii (2 players)
  • Guitar Hero II on the Sony PlayStation 2 (2 players)
  • Karaoke Revolution Party on the Microsoft Xbox (1-2 players)
  • Mario Party 8 on the Nintendo Wii (4 players)
  • Soul Calibur III on the Sony PlayStation 2 (2 players)

If you (or your administration) have balked at purchasing video games for your library because of their perceived limited appeal, you should definitely reconsider. Video games at the library can be appreciated by all of your patrons, from grandchild to grandparent.

With just a few video game purchases, your library can become something that appeals to nearly everyone, including a bowling alley, a karaoke bar, a racing simulator, and a rock concert. So pick up a controller (whether it’s a Wiimote, microphone, a steering wheel, or a plastic guitar) and discover for yourself just how captivating these games can be. Rock on!