It’s a Wiki Wiki World

From an ALA listserv: Info Tech Tips and Trends from the Association of College & Research Libraries.  Tech Tips “…introduce you to a new technology that you might find useful, or a familiar technology you may not have used in library instruction.”  The winter 2007 edition looks at Wikis, what they are, how they can be used in libraries, and include a list of references and further reading.

Wikis are web pages, right?  Just that in this case web pages that other people can change, depending on the level of contribution rights you assign to those you invite. You can set your wiki to be edited only by selected individuals or total strangers.  You can have more than one wiki, too: a knitting wiki, a book club wiki, a favorite “Lost” episode wiki…etcetera.

But you are not limited to just documents: you can also upload videos, pictures, widgets or anything that can be put on a regular webpage.  I use Wetpaint for my wiki needs, but that’s just one of many wiki platforms out there.  Give wikis a chance!