Wiki Disaster

I came back from ILA and our SPLAT meeting revved up about technology and ready for the Teens & Tech class that Stephanie & I are taking.

 This week, we had to create a MySpace account and link it to the class Wiki (which is private, or I'd link it…).  When I went to link my MySpace account, I erased everyone else's links (and I saved it that way!  Argh!!!)  Disaster!  But it wasn't a disaster because wikis keep a history of past pages.  The instructor pulled up the saved page I'd erased, and I re-linked my info.  Everything was fixed in minutes.

 I'd always wondered how and why wikis really worked.  One person out to create havoc could easily erase pages of co-authored information.  Total treachery!  Instead, they really are a safe place (and very easy to navigate and use!) for co-authorship & creation.  Learn all about wikis through wikipedia:

 So far I am loving the class!  To take an online class related to teens, check out YALSA's offerings: