2.0 2.0Look out world (wide web) — Ada Community Library has a brand new website! After several months in development, we finally went live last Friday (10/20/06) with our new and improved web presence.

Our new website features blogs (for each department and branch location) with open comments, a dynamic event calendar, interactive polls, photos through Flickr and much more! Best of all, we didn't have to design this from scratch. Instead, we leveraged the power of Drupal, an open-source and free (as in free kitten) content management system.

The Idaho Commission for Libraries is using the same software to power their e-Branch in a Box initiative. With their help, you too can have a snazzy website for your library — all in thirty minutes or less a month! I encourage you to contact the friendly folks at ICFL to find an e-Branch training near you.

In this day and age, your virtual presence can be just as important as your physical presence. What is your library doing to keep up with the rapidly-evolving Internet? How does your website reflect upon your library as a whole? Here at Ada Community Library, we've just started catching up. What about you?